Gujarat should have a world-class museum - 14 Jan 2018

AusHeritage Chairperson, Vinod Daniel, was recently visiting Gujarat and spoke to the Times of India regarding the museum in that city. Mr Daniel felt that Gujarat ‘should take the initiative to develop at least one world class museum, to set an example for others.’

Indian Museums - Nov, 2017

AusHeritage Chairperson Vinod Daniel, has been interviewed by Indian newspapers, the Hindustan Times and The Times of India (and the Hindu, refer to ‘The Hindu ’Each State in India can house 1000 musuems’ 16 March 2017), to discuss the need for Indian museums to be updated and reinvented to engage youth and local communities in their museums and history.

Museum Summit puts Hong Kong on world map-14 July 2017

  • Extract from the South China Morning Post.

Hong Kong is home to some 70 museums, and their treasures combined make for a respectable collection of cultural artefacts. Still, Hong Kong cannot yet be considered among the world’s great museum cities.

Now, the recently concluded Museum Summit has certainly put the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) firmly on the world’s museum map.

A Repository for Emotions - 21 June 2017

Australia-based museum conservator Vinod Daniel on how museums can be more than exhibition sites.

AusHeritage now on facebook - June 2017

AusHeritage is now on facebook with the following page name: @ausheritage.

AusHeritage is a network of Australian cultural heritage management organisations, established by the Australian Government in 1996. The network aims to facilitate the engagement of practitioners and organisations for the Australian heritage industry in the overseas arena.

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